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TITLE: Mouse
AUTHOR: Rosmending (rosemending @
ORIGINAL STORY: Zarah's Cat part 1 and part 2
PAIRING: Elijah/Orlando
SUMMARY: Orlando was not a nice cat but Elijah loves him anyway.
NOTES: lisabellex and pinkegogirl
DISCLAIMER: Orlando is not a cat.

DISCLAIMER: The author makes no claims or inferences to reality or truthfulness. Moreover, this story is based upon the work of another author and recognises their creation.

* * * * *

The room was dimly lit, but Orlando could see in the dark. Orlando was a cat.

There were 15 people in the room, not including Elijah, who was a mouse.

Elijah sat between two humans, known as Dom and Billy, they played the hobbits Merry and Pippin. Orlando, being a cat, wasn’t interested in them.

Orlando sprawled in his seat and kept his fingers folded in his palms as he watched Elijah.

Orlando liked Elijah instantly. Elijah had a tufty head of hair and eyes perfect for a Siamese kitten. It was alarming to see eyes like that in the face of a mouse. Orlando was almost absolutely unequivocally sure that Elijah was a mouse, because Elijah trembled when Orlando sat down next to him. Orlando rubbed his shoulder against Elijah’s, purring sub-sonically. Orlando closed his eyes and let the tide of conversation drift over him. The people were talking about mountains and ice cream. Orlando imagined Elijah covered in ice cream, squeaking; little legs jerking as Orlando nuzzled his maw into Elijah’s soft, vulnerable tummy.

Orlando was not a nice cat.

It would not do, however, to give away his fatal intentions so soon. Orlando scanned the room and found an alternative target. Orlando leapt into action, zooming in on a girl who had a bit of cat fur clinging to her tight black jumper. At least with her he could get a few pats and tickles behind his ears. No use getting himself fired from the Elf job just when the shoot was getting interesting. And certainly not over a mouse, Orlando lectured himself.

- - - - - -

This is cruel and unusual punishment, Orlando thought, watching with his entire being the sword fight between Elijah and Sean; fed up and frustrated that he was unable to join in.

Sean, Orlando decided, was stuck somewhere between a mother hen and a vegetable. At the moment, Sean was exhibiting all the grace and fluidity of movement of a sweet potato.

Elijah was ducking and leaping and running in circles, making tentative pokes at Sean with his wooden sword. Orlando watched, fascinated. Elijah’s sneakers signalled his every move half a second before he made them. Orlando was seduced by Elijah’s little feigns and strategies. Orlando knew that with his reach, reflexes and vicious moves, he could catch Elijah in under a minute. And then, Orlando would play with Elijah until Elijah died of exhaustion.

Elijah’s sneakers squeaked rhythmically and Orlando slipped his hand down the front of his track pants. Elijah’s eyes slipped to Orlando’s face. Orlando gave Elijah a bright smile and a thumbs-up with his free hand. His other hand remained wrapped around his penis and shielded from view by Dom’s body. He gave himself a secret squeeze.

Orlando was a cat with a lot of imagination.

- - - - - -

The crotch of Elijah’s jeans was worn. Orlando could see the shape of Elijah’s dick bucking at the fly. Elijah was semi-hard and had not noticed. Orlando’s gaze was riveted to Elijah’s erection. Orlando licked his teeth and salivated at the sight of the petit, shy lump wriggling between Elijah’s open thighs. Suddenly, instinct and a few beers got the better of Orlando. Orlando’s paw darted out and made a grab for Elijah’s playful prick. Luckily Elijah shifted and Orlando missed. Orlando’s hand fell on Elijah’s loin, where Orlando could feel Elijah’s pulse rabbiting in his artery.

Suddenly, with his paw over his coveted toy, Orlando felt possessive. Orlando’s hair was standing on end! Orlando had been wrong. Elijah couldn’t be a mouse because Orlando didn’t just want to lustfully eviscerate him. Orlando found himself wanting the impossible. Orlando wanted to sit in Elijah’s lap and sleep in Elijah’s bed.

It was like Elijah had attached a flea collar to Orlando’s neck. All of Orlando’s itch to scratch and bite just melted away into a glorious molten ball of love sitting in the pit of his stomach. Being in Elijah’s presence was like being next to a bowl of forever-warm milk.

When Elijah went to leave, Orlando slinked after him. He trailed Elijah to his hotel room. Whilst Elijah got out his keys, Orlando rubbed at Elijah’s leg with the back of his hand as much as he could politely manage. Elijah looked hesitant, as if he might leave Orlando outside for the night. Orlando just hated that. So Orlando meowed plaintively.

“Can I come in?” Orlando asked pitifully.

“Actually,” Elijah was shrugging, “I’m just, I’m sorry. I’m not really into that kind of thing, you know?”

“Oh.” Orlando’s heart was crushed. Orlando thought about the floor mat outside Elijah’s door. Maybe Orlando could curl up there and press his face to the door. No, too pathetic. Orlando sighed. “Okay, sure. You gonna let me in anyway?”

“Aren’t you tired?” Elijah asked.

God, Orlando’s body flushed hot at the way Elijah’s nose twitched as he asked the question!

“No, I’m night active!” Orlando said.

They watched videos and wrestled for the remote. Then they fought over the last M&M, and there were legs as well as arms involved in that tussle, oh yes. Elijah made himself a hot chocolate and Orlando lapped half of it from Elijah’s cup. Elijah tried to go to bed but ended up sleeping in Orlando’s lap wrapped up in a blanket. Orlando stroked Elijah’s head and watched Elijah sleep.

Elijah’s hands were clawed and tucked against Orlando’s abdomen. As Elijah dreamed agitatedly, his fingers spasmed. Elijah looked so vulnerable and trusting that Orlando wanted to swallow him whole and feel Elijah’s heart beat inside him. Orlando leaned down and nuzzled Elijah’s neck. Elijah was wet and smelled of shower gel. Orlando decided that he could live with platonic.

Orlando was a realistic cat.

- - - - - -

Elijah adopted Orlando. Elijah made sure that Orlando never went hungry by providing him with little cans of spaghetti or baked beans during breaks. Whenever it was windy and Elijah could get away from the cameras, he rushed at Orlando with a comb, helping Orlando untangle his fussy wig. Elijah rubbed Orlando’s back when Orlando complained of backache. Elijah kept a bag of mini cookies in his pocket and Orlando could reach in and eat a handful whenever he liked.

Orlando was completely in love, but the fact that his love could not be consummated troubled him. Orlando suffered from physical distress symptoms. He was restless and unfocused, he could not keep up with banter. Orlando became a wreck.

Sometimes Orlando climbed onto high outcrops, tree tops or roofs and just sat there, brooding. One day, Orlando perched on top of Elijah’s car and folded his knees and put his chin in his hand. A butterfly fluttered in front of his nose. Orlando was seized with the urge to jump off the car and follow it. Orlando wanted to spread his limbs and freefall.

Elijah shouted at Orlando to get down. Gracefully, Orlando hopped off and went up to Elijah, mouthing softly about Elijah not being his keeper.

“You looked like you were going to jump!” Elijah said.

“What if I did,” Orlando smiled, “and I scraped my knee, would you kiss it better?”

“I’d whoop your arse!” Elijah said indignantly.

“Aw,” Orlando replied, giving Elijah a one-armed hug. “I love you too.”

Elijah said nothing, Elijah put both arms around Orlando and hugged him fiercely.

Orlando was a cat who loved hugs.

The very next day off, Elijah announced that he was taking Orlando bungee jumping. Orlando was so excited and touched. It was like Elijah was terrified of Orlando jumping off things, but Elijah understood that Orlando needed to. This kind of love was worth wearing a flea collar for. Not that Orlando wore a flea collar; but just know that Orlando would, if that made Elijah happy, which it probably wouldn’t.

Elijah drove them and it was a long way. Orlando sat in the passenger seat, full of anticipation and grinning foolishly thinking of all the other things he would happily do for Elijah.

Orlando would warm Elijah’s feet. Orlando would lick Elijah’s face. Orlando would follow Elijah’s voice home no matter how far Orlando strayed.

Orlando was a co-dependent cat.

“You can feed me any time!” The words just slipped past Orlando’s lips, all his feelings welled up and Orlando couldn’t keep them in any more. “You can brush me and touch me and hold me all you want. You can make me jump through hoops. But I have to tell you, Elijah, that I love you. We don’t have to have a sexual relationship. You don’t have to squeak sexily or twirl your tail to get my love, just being your friend makes me love you.”

Elijah was nodding and driving.

Orlando frowned, that’s not the reaction he expected for his big confession.

Orlando was a sad cat.

“Do you want to dress up in animal costumes and have sex?” Orlando asked.

Elijah didn’t even blink. “Yes.”

Orlando sighed and decided to go for the biggest question of them all, whilst Elijah was distracted. “Can I scent you?”

“Sure, why not,” Elijah said.

Orlando pounced. Orlando thrust his tongue out and licked Elijah’s lips and dribbled as much as he could manage all over Elijah.

Elijah went all panty and glassy eyed. Elijah looked scared.

Orlando smacked his lips. Half of Elijah’s face shone with Orlando’s saliva. Elijah, covered in Orlando’s scent, was delicious.

Orlando was a clever cat.

- - - - - -

Elijah found out. What?

That Orlando stares at him like he was last mouse in the universe. That Orlando tracks Elijah out of the corner of his eyes constantly. That Orlando is constantly fighting the impulse to sink his teeth into Elijah’s softest bits. That Orlando was dying to play with Elijah.

It was Viggo who dobbed Orlando in, using a visual aid. Viggo took a photograph of Orlando watching Elijah with eyes like dinner plates, desperate for a serving of Elijah.

“Is that really how you look at me?” Elijah demanded.

“What?” Orlando feigned ignorance.

No Elijah, I don’t watch you like a serial killer head over heels in love with you, nope.

“Is that how you look at me?” Elijah just won’t let it go.

“No,” Orlando said, repeating for emphasis. “No.”

Not like I’m creepy, at all.

“No,” Elijah raised an eyebrow.

I want you to give me a long, luxuriant flea bath.

“No,” Orlando said.

Elijah wasn’t buying it.

“Just. I mean. Sometimes.”

Orlando was in so much shit.

“But, you know. It’s not. It’s something I can control.”

Viggo was going to have his eyes scratched out! Or not. Suddenly Elijah was declaring that Orlando didn’t need to control himself.

“I want you, I want you to lose control,” Elijah said with his mouth.

Bite me, as hard as you dare, Elijah said with his eyes.

“I want you to fuck me,” Elijah said calmly.

Orlando was shaking.

“Elijah, you don’t know, the things I want to do to you,” Orlando took a shuddering breath. “The way I want to know you inside out.”

“I won’t break,” Elijah said.

So Orlando played with Elijah to his heart’s content.

Elijah’s eyes flashed like a tiger’s. Elijah went all sweaty in Orlando’s arms. Elijah squeaked, a lot.

And Elijah did not break.

Orlando was a lucky cat.

- - - - - - - -

Orlando held Elijah and then he had to let Elijah go. Orlando rolled onto his back and kicked his feet and moaned. Orlando looked at Elijah, his eyebrows lifted, his lips stretched into a lazy smile, his eyes penetrating into Elijah’s skull.

“Oh, Elijah,” Orlando batted his eyes. “You’re like a mouse, a tiger and my owner all in one. I connect with you like physically and spiritually. I just want you to know that that’s how I feel. And you can feel whatever it is you feel, but yes, I love you, quite a bit.”

Elijah glowed back at Orlando.

“So those furry costumes you were talking about,” Elijah said blithely. “I ordered two suits, one of a cat and one of a mouse.”

Orlando blinked.

Elijah rolled onto his back and clutched his stomach and writhed as he cackled.

Orlando hit Elijah in the face with a pillow.

“Fuckwit!” Orlando shouted, laughing. “You got my hopes up!”

Orlando was a kinky cat.

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