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TITLE: Take Two
AUTHOR: ripsgirl (ripsgirl69 @
ORIGINAL STORY: Take One by ipso_facto
SUMMARY: You had to look. You always have to look...!
NOTES: I love the original, and hope I've done it justice with the remix...

DISCLAIMER: The author makes no claims or inferences to reality or truthfulness. Moreover, this story is based upon the work of another author and recognises their creation.

* * * * *

Take Two

Wandering down the hallway, relieved that he finally got his morning erection to subside enough to pee, Elijah passes Dom and Billy's bedroom door. He smiles as he hears Billy's voice saying Dom's name urgently, obviously trying to wake him. The door is ajar, but Elijah forces himself not to look, just to walk past. Until something makes him stop dead in his tracks.

" absolutely have to wake up now or I'm going to go find Elijah and fuck him three ways from yesterday."

Billy's voice.

OK, now there is nothing in this world that is going to prevent me from peeking. Nothing whatsoever.

Flattening himself against the doorframe, Elijah looks.

He is treated to the sight of Billy lying with his back to the door, and Dom's body stretching, opening, greeting the morning like it had been made just for him. Expecting a cutting retort, Elijah waits a moment, but Dom just looks at Billy and closes his eyes. Elijah feels a grin spread across his face, and is turning away to head to the kitchen, craving coffee and cigarettes, when Dom's voice banishes his desire for caffeine and nicotine, sending it flying away on the breeze.

"Can I watch?"

Holy fucking, shitting, cunting hell.

Those three words somehow transform Billy's joking threat into something else entirely. Something that Elijah hadn't even contemplated before (all right, well, not seriously, and certainly not when he was sober), and he finds himself plastered to the doorframe once again, adrenaline surging through his body, erection instantly and painfully restored.

It's all he can do to suppress a groan, as the view through the too-small gap now consists of Billy licking oh god, his tongue on Dom's skin his way down Dom's chest, laughing off Dom's protest, making sure that even if Dom's brain isn't awake, other parts of him are.

Billy straddling Dom.

Fuck, can't see.

Elijah's hand is firmly over the bulge in his jeans, and although his brain is avoiding actively using words like 'voyeur', his dick wants it.

They wouldn't notice if the ceiling fell in right now.

Placing his palm flat on the door, Elijah gives it a gentle push.

His field of vision increases a little, so he doesn't need to crane his neck quite so much to see most of Dom's body, oh, which Billy is still kissing his way down. Billy, naked and hard, straddling Dom's thigh and tugging at the waistband of Dom's boxers.

Elijah can't help staring at Billy's erection, and imagining it... oh fuck.

Yes, that.

He draws in a sharp, involuntary breath and squeezes his crotch harder as Dom's erection springs free of its confinement. Elijah finds himself clutching the door frame for dear life as Billy's small pink tongue laps at the head of Dom's cock. He can't prevent the small gasp that then escapes his lips, but fortunately it's masked by the cry that Dom issues at the same moment.

There then follows an orgy of grinding and writhing and gasping as Billy takes Dom's cock in his mouth and sucks, and Elijah pushes the door open wider still to take in the pornographic spectacle in all its glory. They really are beautiful, he thinks, rubbing himself harder; imagining himself first in Dom's place, with Billy's mouth around him, and then in Billy's place, with the taste of Dom on his tongue. Either way, he desperately wants to be wringing those noises out of them, not really caring about the how or the what or the who.

Because Dom is coming, clearly, his whole body shaking, and then oh thank you god Elijah gets an unobstructed view of Billy shooting his load all over Dom, both of them moaning with pleasure. Elijah is close, too, pressing the heel of his hand in a hard and fast rhythm over the bulge in his jeans as Dom, still panting, opens his eyes, going completely still.

And then.

Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck.

The game is up, his cover is blown, the cat is not only out of the bag, but seems to have packed up and left town, taking with it Elijah's capacity to think or speak.

Dom is looking right at him.

No, correction, Billy is turning to see what Dom can see, and now Dom and Billy are looking right at him.

They are both laughing.

Elijah still can't speak. He somehow can't hear properly, either, because Dom and Billy are talking, in that way they do when they both know what they're saying and no-one else in the vicinity does.

But then, all of a sudden, in one word -- three syllables -- it all becomes crystal clear. Because they're looking at him. They're smiling.

And, Elijah realises with a sudden, adrenaline-fuelled rush of lust and joy, they're saying his name.

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