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Title: Walking The Line
Author: Shanalle
Original Story: There's A Man In A Smiling Bag by the larch
Pairing: Billy/Dom, Dom/Elijah
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dom walks the line and falls off on whichever side will take him.
Notes: Thanks to Trianne for the beta.

DISCLAIMER: The author makes no claims or inferences to reality or truthfulness. Moreover, this story is based upon the work of another author and recognises their creation.

* * * * *

I. Billy

Billy used to think falling in love with two people at the same time was impossible. An excuse people made when they were too cowardly to be honest or too uncaring to be faithful.

Now he's not so sure. Maybe he's only now changing his beliefs because he's scared.

So he's on a transatlantic flight, hoping this doesn't fuck up everything he has, even though it's so goddamn inevitable that he wants to cry. Billy sits back and watch the in- flight movie, trying not to think about how he's going to do this.

I'm such a fucking coward, he thinks.

II. Dom

It's been so long since he's been here that Dom feels nervous. They haven't been talking as much as they used to, and he can't help but wonder if that means something is wrong. He shakes his head; surely he's just been busy.

Dom tidies up his room as best as he can, thinking for certain that Billy will be staying in here and not in Elijah's spare bedroom. His heart beats in anticipation and he smiles, knowing that tonight he'll be in his arms.

No matter what happens, no matter what distance, they always come back to each other.

III. Elijah

It's purely masochism that makes Elijah listen. He can't help himself, and he lies waiting for the inevitable thump of the bedpost, the moans that bring his own arousal when he hears Dom come.

But, no. Tonight it's yelling and silence and crying and more silence and it's not too difficult to make out what's happening.

Elijah clenches his teeth and shoves his head into his pillow, unable to listen to the breaking that he's wanted to hear for so long.

A door slams and he's a bastard for wanting it, but Elijah can't help but wonder what comes next.

IV. Dom

There's nowhere to go, so he just keeps driving. Dom can't help but wonder, what's he thinking right now? Is he happy, relieved? Does he have the same hollow ache in his gut?

He finally comes home after wasting a tank of gas. Elijah sits there in perfect silence, looking almost as lost as Dom feels. There's nothing to do but sit down.

Elijah hands him a marker, looking worriedly at the cleanliness of Dom's hands, but Dom only stares at it before setting it back on the counter. He snags one of Elijah's cigarettes instead.

There's nothing to say.

V. Billy

The second flight in two days is more miserable than the first. Billy can only be thankful that he'll be home before jetlag can take effect.

He closes his eyes and tries to sleep, but all he sees is the terrible way Dom's face had crumpled. He puts on his headphones, but all he hears is Dom's choked whisper asking why.

Billy squirms in his seat, can't seem to get comfortable, and the woman next to him gives him a rude look. He should have flown first class.

He counts the hours until he's back. She's waiting for him there.

VI. Elijah

The sound of the door wakes Elijah. Dom's finally home after days of god only knows what. Elijah blinks in the darkness and listens, all his senses now awake.

There's the smell of smoke and the subtle sound of bare feet against carpet. The footsteps pause outside Elijah's door.

He thinks if he listens hard enough he can hear Dom breathing, the intake of smoke and the slow exhale; he can see Dom's mouth if he closes his eyes.

It's unbearable hesitation that makes Elijah yearn, and his hand finds his cock unconsciously. He swallows back the nausea and strokes.

VII. Dom

Elijah calls him "stranger" one morning. Dom's too stubborn to admit it's true. He should feel bad about it, but too many days spent avoiding have left him apathetic.

He lights another cigarette, his third before breakfast, and Elijah's eyes soften in worry. Dom only shrugs and fiddles with the toaster, ashes falling onto the counter. He doesn't bother to clean them up.

And then Elijah's there in his face and Dom thinks he's going to get anger, but it's lips instead. Dom kisses back before he can think about it.

It's too easy to slip into another bad idea.

VIII. Billy

It's early morning in Scotland when he gets home, utterly exhausted and more than ready for a long nap. Billy slips into the house quietly, setting down his bag and kicking off his shoes in the living room before heading directly for bed.

She turns over sleepily when he shuts the door behind him, already disrobing and climbing in next to her.

"Good interview?" she asks drowsily. He nods, kissing her softly.

"Why didn't you stay in L.A.? See the boys?"

"No time," he mumbles, wrapping his arms around her and letting his eyes fall shut. "Wanted to be home."

IX. Elijah

He tries to slip from the bed quietly, but Elijah knows; he's been awake for hours, his last bit of pride keeping him from wrapping around Dom's naked body and clinging like a child.

Elijah grabs Dom's ankle, pulls. He's reconciled that Dom can't give him everything, but maybe he'll give him one more time. Dom acquiesces, allows himself to be turned and straddled on the bed. When he whispers Elijah's name, he looks defeated.

Elijah knows he's not who Dom feels when he thrusts inside him, but it's Elijah who's making Dom moan. He'll take what he can get.

X. Dom

It occurs to Dom how a body can be full and empty at the same time. A ridiculous sort of thought, not one to have in the midst of sex, but it's there all the same. He bites his lip and tries to lose himself in the pleasure.

Elijah moves above him, eyes wet and full of the kind of pain that can only come from this. Dom wonders again what the fuck they're doing.

It's a thin line between wanting love and wanting to be loved. Dom walks the line and falls off on whichever side will take him.

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