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Title: Untitled

Author: waqaychay

Original Story: Arrangements, by canciona

Pairing: Billy/Viggo, Billy/Dom, Dom/Viggo implied

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sometimes, when you take what you need, you get what you want.

Pre-reveal notes: I am a lazy thing, which means no time for a beta, so all mistakes are mine.

Disclaimer: The author makes no claims or inferences to reality or truthfulness. Moreover, this story is based upon the work of another author and recognises their creation.

The kiss is sloppy, all tongue and saliva, but Viggo doesn't really mind. He pulls back and licks the scotch and Scotsman taste from his lips. "You're drunk, Billy," he says. It's not a question. He knows this routine far too well for it to be that.

"Aye," Billy says and tightens his hold on Viggo's waist. "Soused. Pickled. Shit-faced." He leans in and nuzzles Viggo's throat. "Brave."

Wrapping his arms around the shorter man, Viggo sighs and surreptitiously checks the time on his wristwatch. "All right," he murmurs.

They kiss again, Viggo attempting to calm the drunken lust that makes Billy wild and reckless. He captures and stills Billy's tongue gently between his teeth, then draws in into his mouth, sucking and licking. Billy moans and brings their bodies into close contact. Viggo can feel his erection hot against his thigh and echoes the moan.

Surprisingly, it is Billy that divests them of their clothing. He rips it off them as if he had never been shy, never been reluctant to let Viggo peel away the layers to see his pale, beautiful skin. Billy has learned a lot since those first few hesitant times when not even alcohol and need could easily overcome his anxiety. Once he has them naked, Billy pushes on Viggo's shoulders, a not-so-subtle request that Viggo grants immediately.

Viggo loves this, taking Billy's cock into his mouth and making the younger man shudder and whine. He slides the shaft in and out and swallows around the head, remembering the time he tried to teach Billy to deep-throat with little success. He shows off that particular talent now and laughs silently at Billy's groaned "Oh, fuck yes." The best part of blowing Billy is watching his skin turn dark red, and Viggo looks up from under his lashes and tracks the red flush as it creeps down Billy's face and chest. He reaches up to touch the heated skin, his hand sliding in sweat, then tweaks one pebbled nipple.

A yank on the hair brings him to his feet, then Viggo is pushed over to the couch and down onto the cushions. "Wanna fuck you, Vig," Billy growls low in his throat. "Can I do that?" Viggo shivers and spreads his legs. He has been waiting for this.

But once he is kneeling on the couch between Viggo's legs, Billy loses some of his courage. He runs his small, deft hands up Viggo's thighs, spreading them wider, but his eyes are on Viggo's face, questioning. "It's all right," Viggo soothes him. "I'll show you how." Lube is produced from under a cushion and Viggo squirts some on the other man's shaking fingers. "Start with one, work up to three." Viggo knows he sounds confident and eager -- oh, god, is he eager -- but Billy still touches him with unsure hands. Viggo guides him with whispered words and encouraging gasps.

Once two of his fingers are buried in Viggo's ass, Billy relaxes and starts talking. "I've wanted.... Oh, Jay-sus Christ, Viggo, I've wanted. All day in that damned tree.... And he doesn't even.... Is this right? Is this good?"

"Yes," Viggo gasps, squirming against the fingers. "A little deeper, though. Reach for, uh, reach for my prostate."

Billy looks anxious once again. "I don't--"

"Remember when I found yours? Just curl your fingers. Yes! Like that!"

"Oh, is that it?" Billy rubs the small spot he just found, an evil smile taking over his face. Viggo nods frantically, and Billy continues to manipulate the small gland until he has him writhing and panting.

Before he loses himself completely to those small, dexterous fingers, Viggo grabs the tube of lube and pours some into his palm. Billy's cock is hot in his hand and still wet from his saliva as he coats it with the slick substance. Billy's eyes burn as they watch his movements and his hips thrust minutely into his grip. "Now," Viggo whispers. Billy swallows hard.

Viggo lifts his legs into the air and slides them onto Billy's shoulders. He reaches between them to guide the cock to his hole. Billy is shaking, his hands clutching at Viggo's hips and his eyes riveted to where they will soon be joined. Deciding to tease the other man a little, Viggo rubs the head against the folds of his asshole a few times, not letting Billy penetrate him but allowing him to get used to the feeling. After a few seconds, Billy growls his impatience and pushes, sliding inside easily.

Buried balls-deep, Billy stills. He gasps for air as if Viggo is squeezing his lungs and not his cock with those tight muscles. "It's...." He has to clear his throat before he can speak without his voice breaking. "It's not what I.... It's better. Hot. Fuck, so hot. Tight."

It feels wonderful to be filled again, and Viggo can barely restrain his hips from thrusting without orders from his brain. "Fuck me, Billy. Move now." He grips those narrow hips in his hands and pushes Billy back an inch or two then pulls him forward again. He repeats the motion until Billy catches on and starts to fuck him properly.

It doesn't last long. Of course, it doesn't. Billy picks up the pace after half a dozen strokes and, soon, is fucking Viggo as hard as he's ever been fucked. The man is a born natural, using just the right amount of force and hitting Viggo's prostate more often than not. Almost as an afterthought, Viggo takes himself into his hand. His cock is like steel in his palm, slicked with his own precome, and spits more of the sticky fluid when he jerks it roughly. "Gonna come soon," he warns Billy. "Keep fucking me. Don't stop. Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop...." His chant trails off as his orgasm hits. His back bows off the couch, and Viggo fountains come into the air, covering his own chest and hand in jizz.

"Fuck, fuck," Billy says over and again, watching each spurt as it coats Viggo's skin. His thrusts become erratic, but he doesn't stop. He keeps fucking until Viggo lets out a sated sigh and goes limp, then he throws his head back and howls as he gives in to his own climax. His hips slam against Viggo's ass one last time and stay there, and Viggo can feel the hot liquid being released inside him.

"That's it, that's it," Viggo says softly, his speech slightly slurred. "God, you're beautiful when you come." And Billy is beautiful. His red, sweaty face is scrunched up in bliss and he's biting his bottom lip so hard Viggo is afraid he will draw blood. He looks thoroughly debauched. The most beautiful thing, though, is Billy's neck. The arched line is perfect when the man's head is thrown back like that in ecstasy, and Viggo aches to bite it and mark it as his. He knows, though, that he can't. That skin doesn't belong to him. It belongs to--

"Dom." Billy's voice cracks as he says the name.

Viggo raises his gaze to see Billy staring at the doorway across the room. From the shock and need he can see in those expressive green eyes, he knows who has just entered the room. "Hello, Dominic," he says, not even turning around to see for himself. "You're right on time." He has been expecting this arrival. He knows Dom's routine just as well as he knows Billy's.

Suddenly, there's an elbow in Viggo's stomach as Billy scrambles off him. He oofs, then winces as the cock is ripped out of his body. "D-Dom," Billy stutters. "What...? I mean, what the hell are you doing here?" He reaches for his clothes, attempting to cover his nakedness. Viggo can't have that.

"Dom is here for the same reason you are," he tells Billy. He sits up on the couch, swinging his legs over the side to sit properly, not caring if the cushions beneath him are stained. Looking at Dom for the first time, Viggo knows he's on the verge of losing control of the situation. Dom looks embarrassed and hurt and ready to bolt. "Hey, hey," he calls, motioning for Dom to come closer. "Dom, it's cool. Come sit down."

Dom's mouth works a few times before any sound comes out. "Vig, what...? What the fuck are you doing fucking Billy? And, Billy, what the hell are you doing? Since when do you fancy...? I mean, how long have you been fucking Viggo?"

Raising his hands, Viggo calls for quiet. "I've been sleeping with both of you, yes. Billy." He turns to address the man on his left. "I've enjoyed teaching you how to love a man, but we both know why you wanted to learn. And, Dom." He turns to the man on his right. "I've enjoyed your body, as well, but we both know why you keep your eyes closed when I fuck you." He stands on still-wobbly legs and stretches, unconcerned with his nakedness or the way Billy's come drips from his body. "You're in love with each other."

The bombshell has its intended effect. Billy and Dom are quiet for a long time, their mouths hanging open. Viggo uses the time the get his camera. When he comes back into the room, both men are sitting on the couch, staring at each other. Viggo hangs back and lets them have their moment.

"I do," says Dom. "You know, what he said. I do."

"I do, too," Billy says. "I only... with him so I would know what to do when -- if -- you ever wanted me."

"Christ, Bills. I only fucked him because I couldn't have you."

"You can. Good lord, Dom, that's all I've been thinking about for months."

Their first kiss is not tentative at all. Dom leaps across the sofa and attacks Billy's mouth like it's the culmination of his every dream. Viggo remembers the way that Dom's eyes unfocused before they closed and he started sucking cock, and thinks that, maybe, it is. Billy is driven backward by the force of Dom's lust. Too shocked to really return the kiss, he whimpers instead and lets himself be manhandled.

Viggo readies his camera just in time to capture the first tentative touch of Billy's hand to Dom's stubbled cheek. The flash draws their attention briefly, but they only glance at him then back at each other. They have one of those conversations of facial expressions that only they can understand, then Billy says, "We owe you, Vig, and we thank you. Have your fun, but show those to anyone else, and we'll castrate you. Understood?" Viggo smiles and nods and raises his camera again.

They make out for quite a long time. Viggo has a whole roll of film full of pictures of Dom's tongue in Billy's mouth and their hands stroking each other's hair by the time that Dom pulls away the shirt Billy had used to cover his crotch. Billy is hard again, and Dom slides off the couch and gets to his knees, intending to worship that cock. Billy stops him with an embarrassed look and a glance at Viggo. Dom understands. Viggo chuckles. He wouldn't want to put his mouth there right now, either.

Instead, Billy divests Dom of his t-shirt and jeans, finding bare skin underneath. "I knew it," he breathes, his mouth inches from Dom's erection.

"What? That I go commando, or that I'm hung?" Dom asks with a cheeky grin.

"Both," Billy laughs back.

Dom reaches out and touches Billy's lips with two fingers. "Show me what you learned?" he asks quietly. Billy complies, taking Dom in slowly, using the techniques and tricks that he learned on another man's cock. Writhing below him, Dom mewls and tries not to buck up into that perfect, wet mouth as Viggo snaps photo after photo. When Dom comes, he's buried completely in Billy's throat and Billy is still trying to take him deeper.

After swallowing, Billy kisses his way up Dom's body, occasionally sucking a choice piece of skin and leaving tiny love bites as he goes. They kiss again, and Dom spreads his legs, inviting Billy between them. "I know he taught you this," he teases.

Billy doesn't return the teasing smile. He tenderly cradles Dom's jaw in one hand and kisses him gently on the mouth. "I've been waiting for this a long time. I'll take good care of you, my Dommie," he says against Dom's lips. And he does.

With tender touches to his shoulders, Billy pushes Dom until he's lying flat. Viggo's camera flashes a few more times, then he is there, handing Billy the lube. Billy is careful with the preparations, only looking to Viggo once for reassurance that he's doing it right. One finger quickly becomes three, and both men shake and moan with anticipation. Billy pulls Dom's legs up and places them on his shoulders, kissing a calf muscle before leaning forward and bringing their groins together.

As Billy slides inside Dom and starts to make love to him, he forgets all of Viggo's advice and relies on his own responses to Dom's body, to the way Dom's hips rise to meet his and his legs tighten and his breath hitches and all the other little ways Dom's body urges him on. As they move together, Dom keeps his eyes wide open and takes in every detail, the way Billy bites his bottom lip and the beads of sweat that darken his hair and the flush that stains his chest dark red and all the other little things uniquely Billy. As they come, nearly at the same time, Viggo takes picture after picture, capturing the moment that two bodies reach the peak of ecstasy, the moment that two people become one and two hearts become whole and every other cliche in the book.

Viggo doesn't really mind using the cliches. Sappiness is expected, he knows, in these situations. True love has been found, after all.

Their routine will never be the same now. Billy will no longer come to him with scotch on his breath and need in his eyes. Dom will no longer let him use his body while dreaming of another man. Viggo gives silent thanks for his time with these two beautiful men, but he is not sad. He smiles as he thinks of the wonderful gift they have given him in return. After all, the night has barely begun and he has rolls and rolls of film to go.

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