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Disclaimer: This is a non-commercial, non-profit work of fiction under the names and likenesses of real individuals. This fictional story is not intended to imply that the events herein actually occurred, or that the attitudes or behaviors described are engaged or condoned by the persons whose names are used without permission.

Betting It All on One Throw

Author: unstealthy
Original Story: The Story So Far by escribo
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: R
Summary: Dom has a revelation, and decides to act upon it
Notes: This was easy to write because the original was so inspiring!
Post-reveal Notes: Thanks to msilverstar for a lightning-quick beta. This was a lot of fun to write.


In what had become something of a routine for Dom, he woke up in pain and groaned as the sliver of light from between the curtains hit him in the eyes. He struggled to remember a) where he was and b) what happened the night before. The answer to a) was easier: he was in a hotel in some godforsaken location in the South Island. The answer to b) came with slightly more difficulty, until Dom turned over and saw what a state his bed was in. Oh yes. That was it. They'd wrapped yesterday for this location and had a long session in the bar. And then possibly he'd ended up in bed having a drunken shag. Possibly with... oh god. Possibly with Viggo.

And then Dom remembered that after they'd viewed the rushes last night, Pete had decided that a couple of pick-up shots were needed. And so he'd left a skeleton crew behind along with Dom and Billy, and everyone else had buggered off back to civilisation at the crack of dawn.

Dom's phone rang. It was time to get up.

He spent the best part of the day fighting his hangover, trying not to remember the events of the previous night, and vainly chatting up the make-up woman, who was one of the few people still around that he could actually hold a conversation with. Disgustingly, Billy secured a date with her in about thirty seconds flat. They had about two minutes in front of the camera, and then were off to what passed for the airport and back in Wellington in time for dinner.

Two days later, Dom screwed up his courage and phoned Viggo.

"Vig, it's Dom, pick up the phone, you bastard."


The moment he heard Viggo's growl on the line, all the things Dom had planned to say seemed to evaporate.

"Hey man, I..."

"You okay, Dom?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm good. I just. I wondered. You know..."

A rasping chuckle sounded in Dom's ear, but it was warm. "Listen, it was good, the other night, but you made it clear who you really want."

Relief flooded Dom's body, but it was short-lived as Viggo's words sank in. "I what?" His voice was an embarrassing squeak, which resulted in more laughter in his ear.

"Dom, Dom, Dom."

"What? What, what?" Dom's genuinely mystified and more than a little scared at what he may have babbled during a drunken orgasm.

"I won't say anything, don't worry."

"Anything to who? Fuck, Viggo!"

"It's kind of obvious, now that I think about it. I think you should go for it. Billy's a great guy."

Dom was stunned. Speechless. "I'm. Oh. God." Billy?

"Listen, if you ever need to talk, I'm here."

"Yeah. Thanks."

The thing was, now Dom came to think of it, it was obvious to him, too.


Best mate, pool partner, half of the handsomest pair of hobbits to grace the shire, and...

I love him.

Now that Dom had had the epiphany of his life, he somehow expected everything to be different. But it wasn't. Life, the world, carried on as normal, as if this earthquake had never happened.

And Billy had a date with the make-up woman.

Suddenly, an event which would previously have merited no more significance in Dom's life beyond some teasing and having to find someone else to play pool with that evening, suddenly lay like a weight on Dom's mind. The more he thought about it, the less he wanted Billy to go out to dinner with this woman, which was hardly something he could say to Billy. He'd just have to grin and bear it, a strategy which involved beer and video games with Elijah, and an early night in the hope that sleep would come quickly and enable Dom not to think about the fact that Billy was shortly going to be having sex with someone who wasn't him.


He was heavily asleep and didn't hear the doorbell right away.

Once he'd managed to drag himself into a semi-conscious state, the bell was still going persistently. Dom decided he'd better answer it. He tumbled out of bed and stumbled to the front door. Grinding the heel of his hand into his eye, he opened it.


Dom was instantly wide awake and went into auto-pilot mode. It was the middle of the night, and if Billy wanted to talk he'd need coffee. Dom didn't touch the stuff, but was now the proud owner of a coffee maker, one of those drip ones like the Americans had. It was recommended by Elijah after Billy'd recoiled in disgust at Dom's attempts to serve him instant, and then Dom subsequently spent an evening unblocking the u-bend under his sink after he'd been rinsing away grounds from the cafetiere he'd bought as a result. So now a nice easy drip coffee maker with filter papers he could just throw away, all biodegradable and everything.

He'd no idea why Billy was here in the middle of the night.

Sleepy and mesmerised by the dripping coffee, Dom didn't realise that he was alone in the kitchen until Billy suddenly hopped up on the counter beside him, tossing an apple from one hand to the other. The first words to come out of Billy's mouth didn't exactly help Dom's frame of mind.

"What's the longest you've gone without sex?"

OK, this question he could answer without thinking.

"Five months, twenty-one days, six hours and thirty-four minutes."

"Is that record being achieved currently or are you working on another?"

"Right now?" Shall I tell him? Dom took a moment to think, straightening up and scritching his fingers through his hair. "It's been nine days, eighteen hours and--"

"Nine days?"

Billy sounded taken aback. Surprised. "Yeah. When we were up filming on that mountain. It was just a, you know, one time drunk thing. Are you going through a dry spell?" Dom hoped his tone was nonchalant.

"No." Dom didn't believe him for a moment, else why would he have brought up the subject in the first place? Finally, Billy came clean. "Yes."

This called for something stronger than coffee. Dom switched off the machine and chucked the contents of the pot away before grabbing two beers out of the fridge. "Do you want to talk about it?" Please talk about it.

The next question out of Billy's mouth was less easy to answer, as Dom really hadn't told anyone about the drunk thing before now. So when Billy asked who it was with, Dom didn't know what to say, and to buy himself time put his beer down and started rooting around in the cupboard for snack foods. After a moment, his head still in the cupboard, he felt able to speak, and took a deep breath.


Dom certainly wasn't prepared for a shower of beer to hit him in response, but he kept his cool even when Billy squeaked out a rather shocked, "You slept with Viggo?"

All of a sudden Dom felt like he had the upper hand and allowed himself a small smirk. He also decided to call Billy's bluff. "I'd sleep with you, if you'd like," he said casually.

Billy's response - jumping down off the counter and a rather feeble attempt to cover up the fact that he was clearly flustered - gave Dom a warm feeling inside and even more confidence. He swigged his beer, picked up Billy's discarded apple and took a bite. This was all a front; despite his increased confidence he was aware he was still taking a risk here. "Once you go--"

"Shut it."

Dom laughed, but Billy was clearly unhappy and Dom's first and foremost desire was to help his friend. He switched into 'helpful counsellor' mode. "So, what are you doing wrong?"

"I'm not doing anything wrong."

"Ah, but you are. You must be, because I'm having sex--"

"--With Viggo."

"--And you're not." Having sex with anyone. Especially not me. But Dom was warming to his subject. "So, I'm doing something right, and you, left to your own devices, will have hairy palms by the end of the year."

"Don't be ridiculous."

Dom chose to ignore the fact that Billy's hands went immediately to his back pockets, and ploughed on. It was either a self-destructive impulse, or a genuine desire to help that made him ask, "Tell me what you do."


"When you're on a date, eejit. Pretend I'm a girl." Dom beamed. Even as he was talking, a plan was forming in his mind.

"Not bloody likely."

"And we're on a date."

"No." Billy didn't seem to be going for it and turned as if to leave. Dom held his breath for a moment, until Billy stopped and turned back. "Like role playing?"

"Exactly. Now c'mon. You're Billy, gorgeous Scottish sex god, and I'm Dominique. Cute, thick as two short planks, and hot for your accent." In case Billy really did want his help and not... well, him, Dom played up a bit, fluttering his eyelashes and making kissing noises at Billy. "So, what do you say, big boy?"

Unfortunately this somehow tickled Billy, and he gave a snort of laughter. Billy's cackle never failed to crack Dom up, and nothing more was said for a while as they both laughed themselves out until they were left lying on the kitchen floor, panting. Dom had one final stab at it.

"It'll still work."

"You're cracked."

It wasn't 'no'. Or 'fuck off', or 'you're a wanker' or any other possible negative response.

"It'll work. Pick me up here at 8 tomorrow. It'll be good." It will if I have any say in it. "Now fuck off home, I want some sleep."


Dom had the next day off and so spent most of it shopping and hoovering. He'd lain awake most of the night replaying the conversation with Billy and trying to figure out how he could turn Billy on to his charms. There had been definite signs that Billy was interested -- not the least of which was turning up at his house rather than taking the very attractive make-up woman home and shagging her senseless -- and Dom wanted to make the most of what might be his first and last chance. So instead of having Billy take him out, he'd decided to rustle up a splendid dinner, the full works with candles and music and wine, and hit Billy with the complete Monaghan seduction routine. It hadn't failed yet.

Dom spent rather more time than usual getting ready, showering and shaving and trying on several outfits. He finally settled on his only suit, which, even if it was bought from Marks & Spencer two years ago for a wedding, still looked sharp. He chose the least awful of his two ties, and when he was ready looked at himself in the mirror.

"Billy-boy, you're not going to know what's hit you."

The doorbell rang.

Dom jumped, closed his eyes, took a couple of calming breaths and went to the front door. Score one, as Billy couldn't disguise the look of, well, appreciation that greeted Dom when he opened the door. And Billy didn't look so bad himself, a couple of shirt buttons undone and smelling rather delectable.

"Hiya. I thought maybe we would stay here, yeah? Be a bit more comfortable." Again with the nonchalance.

"Where are we?" Billy asked, heading down the hall slightly hesitantly.


Dom loved his kitchen. It was big enough to hold a table and chairs, and hence was now the beating heart of Dom's nefarious plan for the evening. All went well, Billy tucked into his food and wine, and they had comfortable chat. Finally it was time to broach the subject and set the wheels of seduction in motion.

"The secret," Dom said, as he topped up Billy's glass, "is to make your date feel special. Wanted. Needed. Safety and security is very important."

"I'm a very safe and secure kind of guy."

Dom couldn't deny this, but wanted to make sure Billy had the right idea. "Yes, but do you always give your date flowers?"

"No. Every time? You gave Viggo flowers?"

Not the topic of conversation Dom was hoping for. "Let's not talk about Viggo." He picked up his glass and gave Billy his best smouldering look. "Let's talk about you. Dinner is done. We've gone through a bottle of very nice wine. What's the next move?"

"You mean, what would I do if you were a lass?"

"Yeah. If I was a girl, and you wanted to," please, God "make love to me tonight, what would you do." Dom was entirely impressed with how cool he was being about all this.

"I'd probably move us out to the sitting room, get you on the couch in front of the fire, and put the moves on you."

Bingo. But Dom can't appear too excited. "I'm not sure what I find more disturbing, that you think I have a fireplace or that you want to put the moves on me." Taking Billy at his word, he picked up the bottle and headed out of the kitchen in the general direction of the couch.

It wasn't long before he realised Billy wasn't following, and called him.


Dom stretched himself out on the couch, and when Billy appeared in the doorway Dom patted the seat beside him. Billy seemed nervous; Dom's confidence wavered a little, but he wasn't an actor for nothing.

"So, it's not dinner where you falter, Billy. You're charming and witty, and anybody would be mesmerised by your voice and eyes." Dom's words were from the heart.

"Thank you very much."

"It's got to be afterwards." Show me how you seduce someone. Billy was still sitting almost as far away from Dom as he possibly could while still being on the same piece of furniture, and when Billy inched nearer, Dom's heart rate accelerated wildly. He swallowed the last of his wine and decided to go for broke. "No wonder you're practically a eunuch, Bill. C'mere." He tugged the sleeve of Billy's shirt, and when Billy complied and sank into Dom's arms, Dom experienced a rush of adrenaline that made his stomach contract and his body flood with a heady mix of excitement and terror. "See. Isn't this nice?" He could hardly believe he could still speak, let alone sound rational.

However, the excitement was short-lived as Billy leapt to his feet. Please, god, no. Then elation, even more than before, as after a couple of paces Billy stopped and settled again in Dom's arms. He's here, in my arms. By choice. Oh fuckohfuckohfuck.

"I don't really think this is going to help, Dom. I think that I'm just--"

"--going to move to the mountains and lead a monk's life?" Dom congratulated his brain on managing to carry on without him.

"Dating the wrong people."

Yes, none of them are me, of course they're wrong.

Billy twisted in Dom's arms and looked him in the eye. "Why are you convinced that I'm never going to have sex again?"

Dom gulped, and wasn't sure what he sounded like when he replied, "I'm not completely convinced. I'm worried about you."

The grunt Billy gave in response didn't fill Dom with hope. But Billy didn't get up; instead, he leaned his head back against the couch and closed his eyes. Dom's heart was pounding in his ears, surely Billy must have been able to hear it. He studied Billy's face, so familiar and yet suddenly not: his nose, the shape of his mouth, the stubble on his jaw. The ghost of a frown crossed Billy's forehead, and Dom's heart leaped in his chest. Suddenly it became clear. Seven months. That's as long as they'd been in New Zealand. Billy hadn't had sex since he'd met Dom.

He loved Billy so much that he almost wanted to cry.

Billy opened his eyes and looked at Dom.

"What are you thinking?" Dom whispered

"A lot of things," Billy whispered back.

Dom's mouth was dry as he reached out his hand and ran his knuckles lightly over Billy's cheek, terrified that Billy was going to run away. But Billy didn't, so Dom asked, "Do you want to share any of them with me?"

"Probably not."

Dom was sure that Billy's gaze went to his mouth for a second. "I was thinking. About your problem."


"Seven months is about as long as we've known each other. You haven't had sex since you met me."

"Coincidence?" Billy didn't sound like he meant it.

Dom gambled it all. It was now or never. "I'm thinking probably not. I'm thinking I could kiss you right now and you wouldn't mind so much. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that you would probably like me to do more than kiss you."

They were looking at each other with an intensity that Dom could hardly bear, and so he slowly moved forward and touched his lips to Billy's. He had to swallow hard to keep back the sob of relief that rose in his throat as Billy's mouth opened and his tongue gently insinuated itself into Dom's mouth. Then Dom felt them both relax and elation turned to pure joy as Billy's palm slid over the back of his neck. Dom's cock was almost immediately hard, and when they finally broke off the kiss and came up for air, he was thoroughly aroused and breathing hard. They sat for a moment, forehead-to-forehead, Dom trying to process, to come to terms with this new direction their relationship was taking.

Then his hands were on Billy's body, pushing him into the couch and gently tugging at clothing. It was a struggle to rein himself in, not to grab and pull and press and clutch, and then oh holy fucking god, Billy was lying back and pulling Dom down on top of him and they were kissing again, and before Dom knew what he was doing he'd slipped his hand between them to touch Billy's cock. Billy's hard, bulging cock.

Billy moaned, and Dom wanted to shout his happiness to the world.


Making love to Billy was all Dom ever hoped for, and more, like he couldn't believe they hadn't been doing it for the past seven months. As he finally lowered himself on to Billy's cock, it all seemed so obvious, so natural. And when he came in Billy's arms, Dom finally allowed that sob to escape, a sob of relief and gratitude and something more that Dom couldn't possibly find a word for.

He fell asleep looking at Billy, something he knew was going to be come a routine for him. And even if he woke up hungover and not knowing where he was, he knew that Billy would be beside him.


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