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Title: Lucky
Author: Val (email)
Original Story: Pandora's Box by JemJ.
Pairing: BB/DM
Rating: PG
Summary: "It started, as so many things did now, with a dare."
Notes: LOTR Remix fic. Remix of Pandora's Box by JemJ . My very first Billy/Dom fic.
Why I chose this fic to remix: I thought this fic was absolutely brilliant and hilarious. It gave me warm fuzzy feelings and made me smile. I adored Dom's POV and immediately wanted to know what was going through Billy's mind. The obvious choice was to just change it to Billy's POV. But I wanted to do more than just retell it from a different POV. I wanted a twist, and so eventually came up with this.


It started, as so many things did now, with a dare.

Orlando had dared him to wear pink socks for an entire day. One striped, one polka dotted. Hideous, horrible socks apparently borrowed from Liv. Billy didn't even want to know why Liv had not one, but two pairs of virulent pink patterned socks, nor did he want to know why Orlando had even thought about borrowing Liv's socks and daring him to wear them. Oh, and not only did he have to wear them, but Billy wasn't allowed to tell anyone about the socks being part of a dare or it was an automatic forfeit. He thought that Orlando really needed to find some hobbies or something, rather than spending all his time devising bizarre dares. Maybe he'd go shopping, pick up some knitting needles and yarn for the bastard. With any luck, he'd injure himself and learn his lesson. Billy sniffed. Yeah, right. With Orlando's strange perspective on things, he'd just turn around, invent "Extreme Knitting" and turn it into a life-threatening adventure that they all would get dragged into and eventually cautioned about by Pete.

Billy seethed quietly, trying to find a suitable revenge for when he won this dare. He never noticed Dom staring at his feet.


Oh, here we go. "Aye?"

"What's with the socks?"

Orlando probably put him up to it, just to see if Billy'd crack and tell Dom the truth. Fuck. Think, think, think.

"They're my lucky socks." What? Where did that come from? Billy needed to sit down sometime and have a long talk with his brain about spontaneous idiocy.

He continued to seethe and plot, barely noticing that Dom's attention was fixated on his feet.


Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why? Why had he let himself get talked into double or nothing? Damn Orlando. Damn himself and that competitive testosterone madness that made him to agree to this insanity.

Whatever it was, he would prevail again. And then he would have the most supremely magnificent revenge ever seen in society. He didn't know what that revenge would be, but he'd figure it out. Right now, he had to get through the evening wearing these damn jeans. Who would ever voluntarily wear such things? Chequered jeans? Let alone skin-tight, can-barely-move, blue and red chequered jeans. Billy planned to burn them as soon as the night was over. Or perhaps he'd have them tie-dyed with some fuchsia and bright yellow and force Orlando to wear them as part of his revenge. No, silly git would only enjoy that. He had probably gotten these from his own wardrobe. Billy sipped at his pint, looking around the table just waiting for the comments to begin. He raised an eyebrow. Dom's eyes were bugging out of his head as he stared at Billy's crotch.


Dom's eyes flew up to meet Billy's, cheeks turning bright red. Billy could've sworn he heard Dom's voice crack as he answered. "Y... uh... yes?"

"What are you staring at, lad?"

Billy watched Dom's mouth open and close a few times before he stuttered out an answer as his eyes darted back and forth between Billy's crotch and Billy's face. What was up with Dom? Anyone would think he was obsessed with Billy's crotch or something. Damn those jeans. Ah, well, there was Orlando grinning away like a monkey. Billy couldn't let it pass. He was an actor after all.

"They're my lucky pants, Dom."

That seemed to satisfy Dom, but Billy found it strange that Dom kept staring at his crotch throughout the evening. Damn jeans. They kept growing tighter throughout the evening. Must be all that lager.


Finally! Victory! Billy refrained (barely) from dancing around Orlando as he admitted defeat. Billy just had to finalize his plans for a suitable reward. And, just to prove his obvious superiority, he sought out more bizarre items of clothing to wear. He'd borrowed a visual nightmare of a swirly psychedelic jacket from Viggo, some bracelets from Miranda, other jewelry from Elijah, even a meerschaum pipe from John Rhys Davies.

And he wore them all with pride, grinning at everyone, parading around showing off. Poor Dom though. Billy thought he might go mad wondering what was up, always asking and always getting the same answer from Billy: "It's my lucky -----." He'd have to do something nice for Dom when this was all over since he was getting such a kick out of Dom's reactions.

Orlando kept questioning why Billy was still donning the strange items. How dense could he be? It was obviously to prove Billy's superiority and acting ability. He could wear anything and pull it off. He donned his latest acquisition -- a rather daring mesh shirt that he had been a bit shocked to find in Bean's closet -- and set out to find Dom. Or rather, find anyone, but Dom just gave the best reactions, and Billy enjoyed watching him try to figure it all out.

As expected, Dom's eyes were riveted to Billy's chest the entire evening. Hmm, maybe he needed to go purchase real clothes soon. Seemed like all this pub going was putting some weight on him. His regular trousers were a bit tight tonight. Well, some exercise would help that. He yanked Dom to his feet, pulling him out to join some of the others on the dance floor. Yes, he'd definitely have to stop this bizarre dressing soon. Poor Dom would strain an eye muscle or something.


The next day, he dressed normally. No more 'unique' clothing for him. He'd proven his point, won the dare, and was going out with Viggo and Bean tonight. They'd heard the story and volunteered to help him think up the best reward to demand from Orlando. He should see if anyone else wanted to join them. Liv! She always had the best ideas. That soft voice and sweet face hid the most scheming mind he'd ever seen on a woman. He stopped at her house, but she was planning an exciting night of facial masques and ice cream with Miranda. He sat on her bed, chatting as she flipped through a magazine. Idly, he played with her makeup bag, spilling out the contents and randomly opening tubes and pencils. He was especially fond of a clear, goopy lipgloss he found that smelled of raspberry, playing with it, pulling the wand in and out of the tube.

"Come here." Liv dragged him to her, painted his lips all over with the goop.

"Liv!!!" He protested, moving to wipe it off.

"No, leave it on. I dare you."

Fuck. She just had to say that, didn't she? Billy sighed. "Fine."

She snorted. "You shouldn't mind with all the strange stuff you've been wearing lately."

True. He had survived all the rest. His mind flashed to Dom. Lucky lip gloss? Would he buy that? Sure he would. He'd stop and pick Dom up on his way to Vig's just to see. Prove his point in earnest.

He fought the urge to keep licking his lips as he drove to Dom's. Tasty stuff. He let himself in by the back door, smiling as he saw Dom reading through his script on the couch.

Watched Dom's eyes sweep over him, looking for the one thing that'd be out of place.

Watched Dom's eyes focus on his lips.

Noticed Dom's own lips.

They were nice lips. It was nice to have Dom watching him this way. Been rather nice all along now that he thought about it. Had a passing idea that maybe he should let Dom taste how good this gloss stuff tasted. Sat down oh-so-close to Dom. Felt his trousers grow tight again and had another stray thought that maybe it hadn't been weight gain causing that all along. Watched Dom watching his lips. Smiled as he watched Dom's own lips. Yeah, Dom should taste the lip gloss...

He leaned in, feeling cozily warm from body heat of being so close. Just let his lips brush over Dom's, tasted raspberry and Dom and decided that it was a very good flavour combination.

Maybe there was such a thing as lucky lip gloss then. Cause....yeah....

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