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LOTR RPS Remix 2003 Stories

Azrhiaz's Butterfly (Slip remix) by Zarah
Brenda's Later (Let Me In remix) by Ghani Blue
Buffett's Te Anau (The Crumbling Sun remix) by Azrhiaz
Chevauchee's Easily Enough (She Runs Away remix) by Kate
Dee's Duology (Burn Out and Fade Away remix) by Brenda
Doom's Eyebrow's The Two Of Us, Versus You (All The Things That Don't Matter remix) by untitled06
Gabby Hope's Chrome (Loose Ends remix) by Dee
Ghani Blue's The Perfect Shade of Lilac (Reds and Purples remix) by mcee
Gloria Mundi's Make My Day (The Boy and the Box remix) by Doom's Eyebrow
Jaq's Citrus (Aperitif remix) by JemJ
JemJ's Pandora's Box (Lucky remix) by Val
Jenwyn's Secret Language of Curls (The Geometry of Fusion remix) by Shaenie
Kate's Thaw (Connoisseur remix) by Kia
Kaydee Falls's Shagging Orli (Yes, No, Maybe remix) by Dee
Kia's Seeing Is Believing (Is Seeing Still Believing? remix) by ladymoonray
ladymoonray's Christmas Presence (remix) by buffett
mcee's Come-Hither (Get Thee Hence remix) by Kaydee Falls
Megolas's Wanna Go Dancing (Without Music remix) by Gabby Hope
Mirorelle's The Morning Comes (Drowning Is Like This remix) by Jenwyn
Shaenie's Paid (Paying For It remix) by Gloria Mundi
Untitled06's Gran Tourismo (remix) by Veuki
Val's Just A Kiss (the sandwich filling remix) by Megolas
Veuki's Sunday Morning (Morning Coffee remix) by Jaq
Zarah's Prize/less ((Not) Really remix) by Chevauchee

[Dee's notes on the 2003 Remix]

The Remix is officially finished.

Huge congratulations must go to everyone who participated. It was a monstrous challenge, but I hope everyone expanded their writing skills, and had some fun. At the very least, I hope that if I (or anyone else who feels insane up to it) ever run another of these silly things, you'll all sign up again. Thank you all so much.

The Remixes are up in the archive, currently anonymous. Authors will be revealed in a few days. Feel free to poke through the list of participants (for author-guessing purposes) and the rules (for curiosity).

I feel I should point out here that I have not read every single remix for adherence to the rules. Frankly, I'm willing to say the "rules" were more like guidelines and everything is to be taken in the spirit of experimentation and fun that the challenge was designed to explore. I trust every one of the authors who signed up for the remix, and am willing to give freedom to what is a weird creative exercise to begin with.

Thank you once again. Every single Remixer rocks beyond the telling of it. Enjoy the mixes.