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TITLE: Perfect
AUTHOR: yueni
ORIGINAL STORY: Snapshots by Danielle (Aelane)
PAIRING: Dom/Billy
SUMMARY: Dom and Billy in Paris
NOTES: A rewrite of Aelane's "Snapshots" fic from Dom's pov.
DISCLAIMER: If any of this was real, I'd laugh. Hard. Very Hard.


It was almost two hours of socialising and rubbing shoulders with the crème de la crème of the Parisian art world, but Dominic was bored. Elijah and Sean were having an earnest discussion about what looked to be a highly important issue with a rather venerable-looking Frenchman, and PJ, Fran and the others were being assaulted on all sides by the adoring French public. As his eyes traversed the crowd, he noted that there was one member of their cast that was missing from the throng. Billy had slipped away unnoticed from the chaotic cheer of the party.

He'd spent the better part of the night watching him from afar. He'd watched as Billy wandered around, mouthing the usual pleasantries to all and sundry. As the party grew in both volume and in intensity, he noticed as Billy quietly slipped away, a glass of whiskey in his hands.

Dominic had spent a lot of the time just quietly observing Billy, even throughout the shoot. They were good friends, good mates, the two of them. For some reason, they had met up that first day and just... clicked. It was like peanut butter and jam, a lock and key, bread and butter. Hell. It was just like any cliché that paired any two things together.

The fact was, they'd hit it right off. They'd both agreed that it was a good thing too, considering how many scenes they'd had together, after all. It wasn't long before they were finishing off each other's sentences, and basically playing off each other like an old comedy team. They became inseparable.

If they weren't mouthing off at each other during filming, they were taking the piss out of each other at the pub down the street, or conspiring against Viggo and the other cast members. The pranks they came up with just seemed to multiply, one right after the other. It was a game of oneupmanship, the one left standing at the end won.

When filming started, they'd focused mainly on the first and second film, and so both of them were together for a large portion of the time. Neither realised just how much they'd taken each other's company for granted. It was so easy to do. They were together virtually every day. All that changed when they started shooting separately for the third film, Billy on the Gondor set in the North Island, and Dom in the South Island, where Meduseld and the Rohan set was.

That was when Dominic finally realised just how much he missed Billy, how much they'd done together. Even the evenings were lonely because they were kilometers away from each other. There were days when he'd had to restrain himself from walking to the nearest airport and taking the first plane out to the North Island just for a few hours with Billy.

After that separation, their relationship got closer, and then it changed. What had started out as a friendship became something more, something closer, something intimate. Neither had expected it, both had assumed that they'd slip back into the teasing and joking comedy routine that they'd had together.

They hadn't.

All it took was one night of an unexpected closeness, lips and tongue entwined, their tastes mingled together, Dom with a chaser of Billy, Billy with an after taste of Dom. It was a heady rush of smells and sounds. Moans that sounded alike despite the light Scots accent and the proper British one. They never turned back. Each day brought new surprises and new pleasures.

Even when filming ended, they continued to keep in touch, and each meeting brought them closer and closer together. They loved pick-ups most of all, because that gave them an excuse to get together. Before long, they'd stopped hiding their relationship to their closest mates who had already guessed anyway. But it was a step in the right direction.

And now, five years after they had first met, two years after they had first made love to each other, they had come full circle with the project that had brought them together. It was a milestone that neither had thought would come early on in their relationship. This was something that they needed to celebrate together, Dom decided. It was an important day for them. After all, they were in France.

"You can see the Eiffel Tower from the roof of this building, you know."


"The roof," Brad gestures towards the stairs that lead up there, his girlfriend on his arm.

Even now, it takes Dom a couple seconds to register that Brad actually played Wormtongue in the movie. It's so odd to see him with a beard and even eyebrows. "The roof?" he repeats stupidly.

Sighing at Dom's obtuseness, Brad repeats. "The roof. You can see the Eiffel Tower from there. It's quite romantic."

"Romantic," Dom parrots.

"Yes, romantic. Something that you might want to see with your lover," Brad's on the verge of giving up.

"Oh! Romantic!" With that, Dom leaves Brad, who shaking his head after the young hobbit.

The faraway look on Billy's face makes Dom wonder what his lover and friend is thinking about. "Hey, Brad says there's a clear view of the Eiffel Tower from the roof."

It takes a moment for Billy to reply, still lost in his thoughts. Dominic kneels down, worried now, reaching out and taking Billy's hand. "Are you all right?"

It takes a moment, but the smile that Billy gives him is sweet and loving. Then their fingers are interlaced and Dominic is pulled into a warm embrace. "I'm fine, Dom. Perfect."

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