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LOTR RPS Remix 2004 Stories

(A * beside an author's name indicates a back-up remix.)

Alejandra's .and all will come to darkness. (remix by Danielle (Aelane))
AndreaLyn's Waiting Game (Puddles remix by Pippinspeach)
Azrhiaz's Just Like Heaven (Radiate remix by lafisher)
Bexone's Surprises (Heterochromia remix by Sparcck)
BlackKoda's Net Metaphors (Networking remix by Trianne)
Blythely's Intergalactic (Sober Bones remix by Missiedith)
Brenda's Chosen (pt 1) (Excerpts remix by Doom's Eyebrow)
Buffett's That Way Madness Lies (The Blood on the Bathroom Sink remix by Megolas)
Buffonia's The Lost Boys (Twenty-One remix by starbuckle*)
Cassandra (airgiodslv)'s Bind (Submission remix by Brenda*)
Cee's Custard Pie (Seven Years Bad Luck remix by Dee)
Chelsea's The Difference Between Friends and Lovers (Instinct remix by Kelly Nicola)
Childeproof's No Harm Done (Avoidance remix by BlackKoda)
Codie (maidenvixen)'s Dealt (Grappling remix by Jo*)
Danielle's (Aelane's) Snapshots (Perfect remix by Yueni)
Dee's Shuffle and Deal (How It Is remix by Childeproof)
Doom's Eyebrow's Things to get away with (Of Older Women remix by Kaydee Falls)
Gabby Hope's Benediction (Nights Before (the mornings after) remix by Bexone)
Ghani Blue's Tripartite (Time and Again remix by Jo)
GirloftheQ's Bare (un homme avec les pieds nue remix by Sabrina)
Jacito's Watching (Extended Play remix by mcee)
Jo's Metamorphosis (Cocoon remix by AndreaLyn)
Kaydeefalls's Crossing the Street (Rock Upon Which I Stand remix by Gabby Hope)
Kelly Nicola's Sundeck (Sandbox remix by Dee*)
Lafisher's Ember (Starry-Eyed remix by Cassandra)
Laura (kiltsandlollies)'s Something of a Weakness (A New State of Grace remix by Jacito)
Mcee's Elevator Snippet (Omni remix by Chelsea)
Megolas's Tea-Stained Voyeurism (Skitter remix by queenofalostart)
Missiedith's Eyes on the Road (Time Warp remix by GirloftheQ)
Novanumbernine's Geometry (Polygonal remix by Codie (maidenvixen))
Oneangrykate's Misfire (Goldschlager remix by Novanumbernine)
Pippinspeach's Silent Witness (Tangled remix by Brenda)
Quailquill's Spin Me Right Round (Presence? remix by Alejandra)
Queenofalostart's Looks Like Snow (remix by Buffett)
Sabrina's Familiar (A Cup Yellow With Miracles remix by Azrhiaz)
Sarah H's Seasonably Warm (For Christmas remix by Shanalle)
Shanalle's When (Just A Matter of Time (5 things) remix by Buffonia)
Sparcck's The Truth Is (Shared Custody remix by Ghani Blue)
Trianne's Memento (Otnemem remix by Quailquill)
Yueni's Dance (Some Dance to Remember remix by Laura)

Extras: done through clerical error

Azrhiaz's Special (Understudy remix by Dee*)
Azrhiaz's (yes, I know) Lips Like Sugar (Cobalt Violet and Candy Apples remix by Bexone*)

[Dee's notes on the 2004 Lotrips Remix]

This project single-handedly earned me more insults, curses and death threats than anything else I did in 2003, but I took them all in the playful, friendly spirit in which they were intended. (...right?) Hopefully, everyone's bad memories from last year have faded with time, leaving only the joy and wonder of the project. Cough.

In any case, it's back again. The Remix. That mad project where you rewrite the story of another author, giving it your own slant. For further details, the rules, and signup info, select the appropriate link from the menu to the left. You can also browse last year's stories if you like, and remind yourself all over again how much anguish fun it was.

Everyone's welcome to sign up - just read the rules and the fine print, and make sure you can abide by it all. For last year's participants - the random assignation will be tweaked slightly to ensure that you don't end up getting the same person you got last year.

Remixes are up and authors announced.

Thanks to everyone who participated, who enjoyed it, who submitted, who waited patiently for this extra week while I fudged around making sure everyone had a remix. Special thanks to my back-up team, who went above and beyond the call of duty, and earned my undying devotion.

Dee - dee@viscerate.com