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TITLE: Time Warp
AUTHOR: girloftheq
ORIGINAL STORY: Eyes on the Road, by Missiedith
SUMMARY: Sometimes minutes can seem like hours in a muddled head.
DISCLAIMER: All completely made up and never ever happened. This fic is a remixed version of Missiedith's fic, the situation is entirely hers.


Split seconds turned into eternities.

He said what?!

"Eyes! Eyes!"

Fuck! That's right, driving. Driving and thinking. Hands on wheel - fingers around leather. Straighten up.

Straighten…He really said that? What right…fucker. And why?

"Eyes on road! Road! Orli! Damnit, Orli, eyes on the shitting road!"

Oh yes…road. That's right. The driving thing. Bloody stupid roads being the wrong way around, makes it hard for a guy to get some nice quality thinking time. Cruising and thinking and, not paying attention to much except staying on the 'normal' side of the road.

God Liv, settle down will you. I needed those ear drums. No really. Why do girls have to be so fuckin' high pitched? It's like being friends with a screech owl. Or one of those little monkeys. What are they called again? Can never shitting remember.

And now I'm using her fuckin' words too. Who says 'shitting'?? Liv.

One of those ones that they had on Friends maybe.

Monkey that is. Not Liv.


Holy Fuckin' SHIT. Too close. Smellin' the petrol fumes. Um attention, yes, that's right. Back on the other side of the world. I mean road, road! Other side of the road. Yes.

I'll just glance at her maybe, corner of my eye. Real casual and stuff..

Oops. Shouldn't have done that. Really mad. Kinda scared. Very white. Then again, she's always really white. Elves and what not. Better check again.

Erm. Yes, really mad.

Probably shouldn't have looked that second time. I should say something.




Damn. Thought she'd say something first if I was silent long enough. Girls hate silences don't they? Or is that men? Some macho thing about not having minds read wasn't it? And too right. Gotta wear tinfoil around your head with these women about. Tricksy things, women.

Back to that thing I was momentarily blind-sided by.

No, not the car.

What was it? Oh yeah! Why would he fuckin' say that to Liv?


Another glance I think.

Still scared/mad…and yet, when put in context…. Smirk.

"He really said that about me?"

Oh yes, he did.

"Yes…is it…I mean is it true?"

What?! NO!

"What?! NO!"

God she really believed him? I'm gonna fucking kill him, the little brat!

"I'm not…you know. I don't like…" How the fuck is one supposed to say that without sounding like a total prat? "I don't like boys, I mean…you know - that way."

Silence. God damnit, the girl won't shut up and now when I want her to speak she's zipped tighter than a, than a…something really tight.

Shut up.

"You mean you and Elijah aren't…"

"Fuck, no!"

Oops. A bit too vehement.

"I mean, I love Lij…" not like that, not like that, "but we're just friends."


'Oh'??? What the shittin' hell does that mean? Is that a happy 'oh'…can you have a happy 'oh'? Jeez Liv, say something so I know if I can say something back.

Do I want to say something back? Or rather, ask something?

Yes, yes I do.

As a single, and very straight boy, I want to ask something. And not just because all boys want to ask girls that kind of thing. I like Liv. We'd have fun and stuff.

"That's a pity."

Huh? A pity?

Clear the throat.

"A Pity?" Stupid voice going all squeaky.

"Yeah." She sounds amused. Why does she sound amused?

"Gay sex is hot."


"Eyes on the shitting road, Orli!"

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