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TITLE: Twenty-One
AUTHOR: Starbuckle
ORIGINAL STORY: The Lost Boys by Buffonia
Back-up author.


There had been a night—back in New Zealand and long enough ago that anything that wasn't The Lord of the Rings was fuzzy and far away on the horizon—when Orlando had asked Elijah what he wanted for his birthday when he turned twenty-one. Dom had cut off Elijah's intended response, hollering from the kitchen, "To blow you, mate!" Funny, Elijah thought from between Orlando's thighs in the back of their limousine, that on the night in question he should be doing just that.

Elijah hated to give Dom credit for anything, but if it hadn't been for that flippant comment—and Orlando's long memory—Elijah might not have been celebrating his own twenty-first birthday with his mouth on Orlando's cock after a night of hard drinking with his mates. He'd thought about Vegas for twenty-one, but clearly this, here, sucking off Orlando Bloom just outside of Hollywood, this was where he was meant to be. Dom's drunken giggling made sure Elijah didn't forget that. He found it mildly amusing that Dom seemed to think this was the rite of passage that everyone should experience at twenty-one. Elijah had to hide a grin as he imagined Orlando's reaction to that. The git would probably just smile and have the kids queue up, ready to lower his zipper. Elijah let his eyes sneak up to Orlando's face, but his attention was focused out the window. Elijah gave a quick flick of his tongue along the underside of Orlando's cock, and Orlando's eyes fluttered shut for a moment before returning to the city lights slipping past as they headed west on the 101.

Elijah was on the edge of pulling back and asking Orlando what he was thinking about when Dom, curled up on the seat behind Elijah, dissolved into another fit of giggles. He was clearly pissed out of his mind, but that was how Elijah liked him best. That was Dom's present to Elijah in this scheme, to sit back and watch, and, apparently, laugh. Elijah could feel Dom's eyes on him as he worked over Orlando's cock; the heat in Dom's eyes made Elijah's cheeks flush even hotter. He closed his mouth over the tip of Orlando's cock and stealthily slipped the hand not cupping Orlando's balls down to his own needy cock. Dom made a noise of appreciation and he poked at Elijah with his foot, presumably to move him into a position where Dom could watch him wank better. Elijah obliged, his mouth never leaving Orlando's cock. Happy Birthday to Me, Elijah hummed around his mouthful, and Dom's laughter disappeared into Orlando's whimpering groans as he came, fingers tangled in Elijah's hair.

Elijah collapsed into bed that night figuring twenty-one was as grown up as he ever needed to be.

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