lotrips remix 2006 -- be afraid, be very afraid

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Remixes, 2006

airgiodslv's Good Luck Charm (Qui ne change rien, Qui change tout remix)
apple_pi's SadnessHappiness (Happiness By The Way Of remix)
Azhriaz's Rumplestiltskin (Still Rumpled Skin remix)
canciona's Crazy (Going Crazier remix)
Cesare's Neighbourly (Have You Heard? remix)
chaosmanor's Walking on Sunshine (Waiting for Viggo remix)
crimsonhue's 28 Elijahs (Hey, Jealousy remix)
eyebrowofdoom's The Two of Us Versus You (Reminders remix)
feelforfaith's Painting With Words (The Unlocked Door remix)
Jocondite's The Poem of Air (Finding the Truth (The 'There's No Such Thing as Too Much Cheese' Remix))
Kiltsandlollies's Blue (Too Busy Being Blue (the Pantone 300 remix))
kyuuketsukirui's For a Price: Orlando (Observations remix)
Ripsgirl's Sundance Farewell (Running While You Sleep remix)
saklani2's Hat Trick (You Can Leave Your Hat On remix)
Shanalle's Five Ways In Which Elijah Lost Dom and One Way He Didn't (Five Ways Orlando Got Dom and One Way He Didn't remix)
Spillingvelvet's Untitled (Not Fun remix)
Telesilla's Blame (The 'How Not To' Guide To The Non-Traditional Mid-Life Crisis remix)
The Larch's Replacements (Now Is Greater Than The Whole Of The Past remix)
Trianne's Double Entendres (Less Is More, Except When It Isn't remix)
tuuli1109's Take the Hint (Jam and Ketchup remix)
Viktoria Angelique's Memories on the Wind (Too Much remix)
Yueni's Pants (Like Chocolate remix)

2006 Notes

  • Welcome MSilverstar to the administration. She's being a huge help to Dee and assisting with the organisation. Hopefully they will both retain what sanity they still have.
  • The rules have not changed in substance, but they may have changed in the niggling particulars. Read 'em, please. If you have any questions, ask us.
  • Remember: creativity is everything. This is a challenge. Have fun. (Reconcile these three statements any way you can.)