LOTR RPS - Remix 2008

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Remix 2008 Authors Revealed!

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From the Mods:

We had a nice smooth process this year, only minor crises which were resolved easily. Thank you to everyone who participated, turned in your stories (nearly) all on time, and we hope that you enjoyed the process of seeing through someone else's eyes.

The stories are now up, with authors, here and LotRRPS remix community on LiveJournal, so you can read and enjoy. They're a fascinating range of many styles, themes, plots and approaches. We'll be posting them to this community as well, with links so you can comment from either location. (Please do comment, it's very gratifying).

Our move to allow single-fandom writers has brought us some wonderful new people and we're glad we you're all here. Have fun reading and guessing the authors!

-- MSilverstar & Feelforfaith, remix mods

PS: Feelforfaith was the prime mover on this one, I just assisted, so any praise goes to her and blame goes to me. -- MS


What is LotRiPS/LOTR RPS?

In a word, fanfiction. Lord of the Rings Real Person Stories (or 'Slash'). Fans of the movies writing stories about the actors. With lots of explicit gay sex. If you don't like this, please don't read it.

What is a remix?

Like a music remix, and based on the original "We Invented The Remix" and the multi-fandom "Remix... Redux", the Lotrips Remix aims to give fandom authors the chance to expand their horizons by rewriting one of the stories of a fellow author. And having one of theirs rewritten in turn.

Where can I read old remixes?

The menu to your left has links to all the Lotrips Remix stories.

How can I sign up?

Go to the LotRRPS remix community on LiveJournal or InsaneJournal

Timeline for the remix:

Sign-ups end on the 15th of June

Assignments go out on the 22nd of June

Remixes are due on the 10th of August (seven weeks)

Stories will be posted on the 17th of August

Authors will be revealed on the 24th of August